Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my answer is yes!

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petang tadi, saya ada kelas tutorial ADS 460 ( management and its practices ) with Miss Marni.. she asked us on chapter 1 that we had covered with Madam Nasyrah. everyone answer the question given. then, she asked us to write on piece of paper about....

" ... do you want to be a manager...? explain... "

she gave us about 30 minute to prepared with answer.. then, after we have write about our opinion, she called one by one to tell the rest.. okay, we start with ain nabila.. her answer is yes and she come out with a good opinion which more focus in her life in future especially in marriage. she want to be a good role model to her child. then one by one tell about their answer whether yes or no. and i'm so lucky to call and share my answer.

by standing in front of the others, i share my answer...

" ... my answer is yes.

i want to be a manager because i want other people or employees respect me and work together with me. i want to challenge myself to carry the responsible in order to achieve the organization's goal. besides that, i want to feel how the feeling of given order to the people under me. i want a big salary and for me it is a reward after i struggle in this 15 years of studying.

if i be a manager, i will be a good and friendly manager so that my employees will enjoy working with me. so, hardwork never hurt to be a manager.

thank you. .... "

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