Saturday, June 29, 2013

dear you: 2nd version

hari: sabtu -------> malam ni penentuannya.


yesterday was the day.
I am so surprised.
I believe you happy but sometime not.
you are too kind to being hurt.
you are too generous to being neglect.
you are the gift for someone who realize.
you enlighten else near you.
but sometime
they not realize your bright.
I just too confuse, worry.
but I have not much word to calm you.
I pray for your happiness.
support from your back.
hope everything going to be easy for you.
dear you.
it is a test.
you brave and tough.
I believe in you.
you are my left wing.

sorry for this entry.
I just to worry.

Hug and kiss,
N u r h a n e s h a

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