Saturday, April 28, 2012

kenapa ek?

assalamualaikum. . . when i request a song title 'cinta dalam hati', there are so many person asking me why? why? why? i have my answer----- i love this song too much. although there are some opinion that stated it is wasting time to admire someone who we cannot get it, but for me its depend... different people, different think. . . so let them with their thinking way and same goes to me.. "...mengagumi tanpa dicintai...'


syida's said...

setuju.. it's just a song.. plus, a song has it own story but it may not related with us.. i loike listening sad love story song rather than all sweet love song.. it more realistic compared to fairy tale story in all sweet love song.. love to read more entry in your blog..=D

Cik Nesha said...

awak ni mcm pengkritik betul lah... takut tau tak?

syida's said...

aha.. ampun.. emosi tidak stabil kerane period + personal problems + assignment + final.. hehe.. harap maklum..