Monday, October 22, 2012

that night

hari: isnin
cuaca: hujan kadang kala mendung

my entry title same like my dear friend, Farra. nak jugak.
this week we officially have no holiday at weekend, for sure lah penat kan
but it is okay for me
as long my day fill with knowledge, friend and joyful.
that night we are spending time together and always
we eating together, watch television and walking along the road.
the other place is far and costly.
and it is danger if we ragu-ragu.

boring kan baca?
btw, thanks for reading.
ada ke nesha?

mamak stall called 'subaidah'
if at kota tinggi we have 'ros merah'

ika my eating partner...

nesha berkata: esok lusa johor. . . hooray~~