Monday, January 7, 2013

when you are loser

hari: isnin
mood: sunyi. rindu.


hai, this is my third time in this day updating my blog. why? sometimes, when i addicted to something, i like to do it frequently. like what i am doing right now. why i choose that title? want to know? i am playing game and i lose. always lose. i hate that. Amieza is always champion.

in this life, what are the bigger loser have you experience? for me, my bigger loser is when i was 12 years old. i cant fulfill what my mother wish me to get. i feel very loser. because for me, life is not about you and yourself only, what the other frustration also become yours.

it will be more loser if you have no effort to improve yourself. so, don't easily give up and try more harder.

p/s: you are not lose but you are not familiar with the win.

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